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We all do a bit of research before we embark on a trip to foreign lands. What is there to visit? What’s the best place to eat? What’s up with the nightlife? We have a ton of questions, don’t we? Luckily, some places don’t need research. Mon Amour Club is like the Eiffel Tower – you just know it’s going to be good. There are various reasons for which tourists keep choosing us despite the big number of erotic massage parlours in Bucharest. Let’s face it, if you are planning on having this awesome experience, you probably want it to be unforgettable. We sincerely advise you to put Mon Amour on your wish list, and these are just two of the many reasons why:


The place looks incredible

Every single architectural detail you’ll find inside the parlour is brilliant. The place was built with a clear vision in mind, so we made sure that everything is done perfectly. When it comes to erotic massage, the aesthetics of the chamber in which you’ll have your experience is a huge factor of satisfaction. One of the biggest achievements of Mon Amour is the ambience we managed to create, starting from the very first step you take in our parlour. The place will only boost your energy and excitement. Expect nothing less than a sense of royalty, high class and proper eroticism.




imagine salon


imagine salon

Mon Amour works with the most amazing ladies

We take pride in our work and our employees. The ladies who provide our services are absolutely delightful and they will always be prepared to make you feel welcome. Moreover, we often find our clients enjoying conversations with them while spending time in the reception of our parlour. When it comes to satisfying one’s fantasy, the ladies at Mon Amour face no competition. What is more pleasurable than a pretty lady with a beautiful mind? We believe that this business is all about class and professionalism, which is why all of our ladies are right up there, at the top of the charts.

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Choosing Mon Amour guarantees you an experience you will never forget. We get more and more clients every year and we love to hear about their time in Bucharest. If this is your very first visit to Romania, you will most definitely spend a night out in the Old Town. Our location is literally at the throw of a stick, so whenever you want to pop in, our door is always open!


Mon Amour Club

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